Steve Daniels (steve@danielss.freeserve.co.uk)
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 20:27:14 +0100

Having seen and read reports of Mir shining brightly, 
I thought the following may be of interest.

MIR - As part of Russia's plans to mothball the abandoned 
Mir space station, the station's main computer was turned 
off on September 8.  Without a crew or active life support 
systems, the station now utilizes a fraction of it former 
power consumption necessary.  It is no longer necessary to 
manage the station's solar panels to provide the station's 
meager power needs (Reuters).

Mir is now rotating at a rate of one rotation every 40 minutes in an
orbit with a apogee of 370 kilometers and a perigee of 350 kilometers. 
Mir weighs nearly 120 tonnes. (Interfax)

Steve Daniels
Paignton, Devon, England.
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