Re: What sat did I see?

Tony Beresford (
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 12:41:41 +0930

At 09:32 20/09/1999 , Michael Boschat wrote:

> At 2341 UT I was looking for Comet Lee, I saw a satellite pass beside
>Polaris going towards the south, it went overhead and took almost the same
>time tranverse from NNE to SSE as MIR does. It varied from -0 mag to +3 or
>+4 magnitude. It seemed to have a very slight reddish tint. I took a look
>through my 20x60's to see this color. Any idea what it was? 
I am pretty certain this was 99 34B #25790. the Quickscat rocket.
Fuller details provided to Mike in private e-mail
Tony Beresford