Re: Yamal satellites

David Anderman (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 09:03:04 -0700

I am still not satisfied with the Yamal data from NORAD. As of this date,
the comsat elements have not been updated. However the Blcok-D HAS entered
geosynch orbit, so it should be assumed that the 2 Yamals have, as well.

What I want know is, how can NORAD generate separate elements for the Yamals
while they are still attached to the Block-D?

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> On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, David Anderman wrote:
> > I notice that there isn't any new data on the 2 recent Yamal comsats
> > the Air Force. The initial data indicated that these were in 52 degree
> > hours elliptical orbits, and had not maneuvered into their final orbit.
> > reports are that one is in trouble, which could mean that it won't go
> > its final orbits.
> > Is it common for new public objects like these to remain un-updated for
> > time?
> Don't call out Scully and Mulder yet !
> The latest data show the Blok DM-2M in its geosynch drift orbit, so that's
> where the satellites are.
> If you check the GTO data you will see that the orbits for A, B and E from
> the launch are identical.   USSPACECOM had simply "lost" the satellites
> and this orbit was the preliminary search one.   With the DM-2M now found,
> I expect that real orbits for the satellites will soon appear (if they
> have not already).
> Phillip Clark