Almost Obs Sept. 14, 1999
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 18:17:15 -0500

Obs Sept 14, 1999
84 -65 C 1999-09-14 02:00:32.01 JN 10.73 .2 08 1.34 4.5->inv M or f

One of those nights; the radio quit working, and when new batteries
were put in, it still would not work!  So I bought a new radio,
and it would not work with the new batteries.  It turned out to
be the "new" batteries.  Anybody want a DX-397 shortwave receiver,
cheap!, you'll have to get your own batteries.......

Observed Lacrosse 2 and Topex but could not get accurate times, USA 3
was observed with the above photometric period, start time +- one sec.

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