Re: Daytime Iridium flares

Rick Brown (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 21:05:39 -0500

Patrice Gambaro wrote:

> Hello everyone
> ...So I wonder, is there any special techniques to observe daytime flares
> ?
> Could anyone who observed them tell me wath they look like if they are
> very different then nitght time flares ?
> Thanks

I have looked for them a few times, and managed to see them about half the
time.  In my experience, they appeared as a simple white dot in the sky, of
about the same color and contrast as the full moon seen in the daytime
(though obviously much smaller!)

I wonder if anyone has tried making this observation using a polarizing
filter?  Since skylight is polarized, and presumably the light from the
satellite is not, perhaps this would increase the contrast.  Have not tried
this myself.

- Rick