AIT-2 launch

Randy John (rjohn@Riem.Com)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 14:29:30 -0700

The AIT-2 launch has been rescheduled for 16-Sep-1999 1:00 PM ADT

A little searching on the web revealed the following:

An excerpt:

The launch vehicle will leave the Kodiak Launch Center in Alaska and
fly a southeasterly course paralleling the West Coast of North America
with flight termination off the coast of Oregon.

Maximum Apogee 		577 nautical miles 	T+563 seconds 
				(1,060 Kilometers)	(9 minutes 23 seconds)
Maximum Range		1,330 nautical miles	(300 nautical miles west
								of U.S. Oregon coastline)
Total flying time		1,170 seconds		(19 minutes 30 seconds)
Oceanic impact point	~ 42.7 N Latitude		~ 128 E Longitude