Orbital Inclination

Patrick Curran (pkcurran@iol.ie)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:03:49 +0100

Hi Folks,
                First, my thanks to all who helped with my query on
filtering my master satellite file, SAT.PRO

Now I have another query on tracking software.

Can anyone show me a formula to select satellites which will be visible from
my location?

I know line two in the NORAD 2-line format gives the satellite' s orbital
inclination but that only tells me not to expect to see satellites with very
low inclinations such as HST and most STS missions.

There must be a formula that will give a clear 'cut off' for inclinations
visible at one's location taking into account the satellite's altitude and
orbital inclination together with the ground station's location and

In relation to this query, does anyone know  STS-99's orbital
nclination?  -  Is the launch still scheduled for Thursday?

Best Regards,

Pat Curran

52.4369N 6.9761W 80M