Leigh Palmer (
Sat, 11 Sep 1999 21:17:45 -0700

Last evening we observed a -8 magnitude Iridium flash
at 21:06:38 10 Sep 1999 PDT from Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC
(coordinates below). I noticed a second magnitude
satellite nearby, in Cygnus, heading ENE and flashing
slowly, of the order of ten seconds period, with very
deep minima. On checking the GSOC site I found nothing
that matched. Can anyone help me with this one? I would
really like to identify it because this afternoon I
told 120 students to watch the Iridium flash (it is an
introductory astronomy class) and at least one of them
has also noticed the second satellite. My wife and I
were very pleased by the display, but my rep is at
stake here! Can anyone help?

(I've been away from the list for some time.)


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