Sept 9/10

Mike DiMuzio (
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 22:46:30 +0000

        Peering through the clouds after missing ISS, I saw 
Globalstar 6r just miss crossing with an unknown which
I later found out as SeaSat-1.  Closest approach was at
00:22:30 UT.  A nice pass of Cosmos 1953 became
spectacular when it passes exactly between the components of
the wide double star Alpha Delphini at 01:22:48 UT and transited
a faint star near the tail at 01:22:57 UT.

        This is better than Okean-O R/B going through the Andromeda
Galaxy the other day.

41.087N  80.714W 305 meters

Mike DiMuzio