RE: SL-12 decay from N.O.?

Ted Molczan (
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 12:44:47 -0400

> 	I heard from a friend at work that he also saw a
> spectacular decay
> on Sept 7 from New Orleans, at 4:03AM CDT, dead overhead
> going South-SouthEast,
> leaving a long trail behind it. I would guess this was the
> same decay observed
> from Florida.

Yes, this fits reasonably well with the final OIG elset. Using rough
co-ordinates of 29.9 N and 90.1 W, I get a pass culminating at 4:01 CDT, 46
deg elevation in the NE, headed SE. If I force the pass 7 minutes late, then
it goes overhead at those co-ordinates. Since the object was very low, and
New Orleans and suburbs is large, the exact sky-path would be strongly
dependent on one's exact location.

Ted Molczan