RE: mystery object....1991VG + something new

John W. Gardner, Jr. (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 22:50:31 EDT

Hi All.

Since already compiled and it couldn't hurt...

A bit off the topic, but for those who may be interested. A
count of objects which position cannot be readily determined.

637 objects from OIG/GSFC SSR vol 40 #7  released August 1999
All satellite status were marked as "N/A" by OIG/GSFC.

   90  heliocentric orbit
   30  barycentric orbit
   10  Mars orbit (see below)
   16  selenocentric orbit
    6  Venus orbit (see below)
    4  solar escape ( 1 position unknown ? )
  455  no information...nearly all associated with Black objects
+  26  id'd with 'write off' date ( mainly barycentric per others )
  637  Total    182 without the black objects

Assuming data is accessible.  Anyone want to take a shot at creating
a TLE for an object centered on another planet or our moon? Could be
a great challenge for those with very large scopes (limb views only).

John Gardner,Jr
Hoarder of TLEs

76.98569 W  39.00195 N   62.484m  ASL

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