Decay Watch: September 7

Alan Pickup (
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 21:02:54 +0100

I have updated to my Decay Watch page at

The page updates my prediction for #25653, the Globalstar 22 Soyuz
rocket, which I now predict to decay at September 10 05:48 UTC +-15h.

It also includes the first decay notice for #10223, a relatively large
piece of debris from the GMS 1 Delta 1 rocket. I predict its decay at
September 11 12:48 UTC +-1d.

There are notices, too, for #25898 and #25899, the Yamal 101 Proton
rocket and platform. I put the rocket decay at September 7 09:44 UTC
+-45m, which is considerably later than (but in the same orbit as)
SpaceCom and Harro Zimmer. The published elsets for the platform do not
allow a reliable decay estimate - SpaceCom says September 6 23:36 UTC

I also repeat yesterday's notice for #22878, the GPS2-23 Delta rocket.

Apologies to those who checked for yesterday's update, only to find a
repeat of the previous day's posting - I uploaded the wrong file :(

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