More of Raduga 104?

Dave English (
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 15:21:04 -0800

Last night at 05:20 AM I saw what may have been a smaller version of 
the decay seen in Northern California and Oregon in the brilliant 
decay of Reduga 104. I sent an e-mail to Alan Pickup and asked if what 
I saw could be more of the satellite that decayed last night. The 
description given of the oberved decay of the main object was very 
much like what I saw except the main object produced a greater show. 

I noticed it just NW of Cassiopeia, it moved slowly and with a small 
burst produced a white fragment in the tail that followed closely the 
light yellow to white head. The decayed object or meteor ended its 
journey just west of Orion, a regal trip of about 90 degrees, I 
estimate, that lasted about five seconds.

This was very unusual, dim, about +3 to +2 magnitude, had at least one 
burst, a fragment in the tail and slow moving from west to east. I 
think it was a decay and one of the few hours in weeks that I had a 
mostly clear sky, except during the full moon.

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