Re: [Fwd: Fireball over Oregon]

Earl Needham (KD5XB@AMSAT.ORG)
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 21:40:14 -0600

At 03:15 PM 9/2/1999 -0700, Mark A. Hanning-Lee wrote:
>Reposted from sci.astro.amateur.
>Maybe Toby saw the reentry of the Raduga 104 aux motor ...
>Best, Mark
>Newsgroups: sci.astro.amateur
>From: (William C. Burton)
>Subject: Fireball over Oregon
>Low in the sky a meteor was slowly arcing eastward. It was big and
>slow, leaving a streak several times broader than any of the
>night's others.

	Is there any way to find out for sure?  Would any part of the motor POSSIBLY hit the ground?  If so, where?


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