Decay watch: September 2

Alan Pickup (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 21:47:03 +0100

One again I have updated my Decay Watch page at

The Raguda 104 aux motor, #25761, decayed quite close to the predicted
schedule. I put its decay at September 2 04:17 UTC +-40m. This was 2
minutes earlier than SpaceCom's estimate and both of us put it over the
N Pacific, S of the Aleutians. If it continued in orbit it would have
crossed the N California coast at 04:26, passed ~300 km NE of San
Francisco at 04:27 and a similar distance SW of Austin, Texas, at 04:32.
I have an unconfirmed report (via Jim Varney) of a possible re-entry
sighting from the Sacramento area, but no time or direction.

The decay of the Afristar Mini-Spelda, #25518, has moved earlier (and
closer to SpaceCom's estimate). I now have this at September 4 01:55 UTC

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