multi sats in FOV

Dr Paul J Henney (
Thu, 2 Sep 1999 15:17:39 +0100

>I wonder what is the probability of getting 3 sats all in the
>same field of view of 10x50s in a 20 minute period ?

Last night, whilst hunting down USA 129 at 22:08 local (Sheffield 53.3830N
1.4660W +200M ASL).when it was scheduled to pass very close to Sadr (gamma
Cygni) at mag 4.6 I watched it heave into view. Then another very similar
mag sat passed it almost on a //  course going the other way! Then whilst
both were still on FOV another brighter sat (circa 3.8-4 ish) passed across
heading I had 3 sats in the same 10 x 50B FOV for a few
seconds..busy up there!

Using SpySat I suspect the two were a russian Meteor and ?possible
Globalstar ?54.

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