Abrixas Rk, Quikscat Rk + BWGS TLEs

Thu, 2 Sep 1999 00:08:00 EDT

In PPAS format:
99-022 C 99-09-02 01:26:43.2 JDG  56.1 0.5 100  0.561 5.0->inv
99-022 C 99-09-02 01:27:25.3 JDG   6.2 0.5  10  0.62  5.0->inv

The second obs is a 10 flash "reality check".

Abrixas Rk as previously posted, is particularly difficult to time due to a 
quick minima.  During the pass, which began low in the West, the object 
resembled a twinkling star.  The observable flashing didn't begin until it 
was over Arcturus (280az, 40 el).

In my previous posting on Quikscat Rk I neglected to report that the 
brightness of the flashes was about +4.3.  Tonight I failed to observe the 
object during a 20 deg el pass in the NW

Since there seems to be an increasing interest in flashing objects I decided 
to post an extract of my TLE file that contains only the New and High 
Priority objects noted in Kurt Jonckheere's post last month:

The file (bwgs-hp.txt) is available at:

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