AstroArchive in October

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Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:24:50 "GMT"

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Here's this month's news:

AstroArchive as an educational resource:
I have just learnt that Terry Richardson from the Department of Physics and 
Astronomy from the College of Charleston, SC, plans to use the
archive with his Honors Astronomy students as a learning resource.

The banners you're seeing:
I decided to join LinkExchange for several reasons:

1. AstroArchive needs exposure. It seems there are only very little non-
listmembers that are aware of this valuable information resource. It is my
goal to have as many people reading and learning from this information hive 
as possible. Remember that each one that profits from the archive may one day
subscribe to one of the mailing lists and provide valuable information him/herself!

2. With LinkExchange I get to choose what type of advertisements I tolerate on the site.
I opted for the "non-commercial" and "not-animated" ones in order to keep
the impact as small as possible.

3. LinkExchange does not cost me anything apart from showing other people's banners.

New Lists:
There's a list available about minor planets that I plan to add to the archive this month.
Check back on the site for more information within the next week.

Have a nice october and don't forget to check on the daily astronomical picture!

- Balthasar IndermuehleLists: