COMETS H2 R/B & Superbird A

Matson, Robert (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 14:08:31 -0700

Hi All,

While tracking COMETS H2 R/B (#25176) last night (Monday,
September 28th, ~20:43 PDT), I noticed that it was slowly
oscillating.  I didn't have long to time it, and the peaks and
minima were broad, but I counted 4 cycles in 70.15 seconds
for a rough period of 17.5 +/- 1 second.  Others may wish
to attempt improving on this measurement.

Superbird A (#20040) was flashing right on time from 3:17 UT
29 September to 3:23 UT, with the phase shift at 3:20.
Period was measured at 23.127 +/- .004 seconds, with peak
flashes of magnitude +2.5.  Using day-to-day correlations,
there is high likelihood that the period is 23.1280 +/- .0002

I also observed Globalstar 4 (#25165) and got an accurate
magnitude reading on it (mag 5.9), confirming my earlier
decision to brighten the Molczan standard magnitude to
5.0 from 6.0.  (Predicted magnitude would have been 6.9
if 6.0 standard mag was used).  Presumably the other
Globalstars should also be set to 5.0.  --Rob