North Korea's Satellite

Phillip Clark (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 09:11:36 +0100 (BST)

On September 21st James Oberg posted a note to FPSPACE, referencing ISIR 
for that day and indicating that the North Korean satellite had been 
planned to transmit for nine days: of course, since the satellite decided 
on a submarine trajectory it never got a chance to do so.

(Anyone know whether the underwater submarine listening system heard any 
strange "beeps" around August 31st ?!!)

I have searched the releases on the KCNA web site but I have been unable 
to track down the original North Korean statement which forms the basis 
of the ISIR story, and my enquiry to ISIR has been ignored.

So, I wonder whether anyone has a pointer to the original North Korean 
story about the "nine days transmitting lifetime", please ?   I am 
working on a detailed review of everything concerning the North Korean 
satellite launch attempt and prefer to use the original North Korean 
statements (however hilarious they might be) rather than western reports 
of what has been announced.

Feel free to e-mail direct or post detailes to this mailing list ....

Many thanks.

Phillip Clark

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