S&T Eurosom. AP Iridium Article

JAY RESPLER (JRespler@surfnj.net)
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 21:56:53 -0400

11/98 Sky & Telescope p89. European Satellite Observer Meeting in Calendar 
of Events.

> Today the Associated Press released a story about Iridium flares.  Several
> SeeSat'er were referenced.

I couldn't get through here, but I did find it at Ed's site.

I do have to question some of the comments in the article:

>VALLEY FORGE, Pa. (AP) - The glint in the sky looks at first like a big star but >ignites spectacularly, rivaling the moon's brightness. 

I haven't seen any THAT  bright.

>Motorola first launched the rotating Iridium satellites in May 1997
Seems flashes are predictable only in NON-rotating sats.

>Unlike the surfaces of other satellites,
>which are concave 

If you're looking from the inside.

> observers just about anywhere in the world can see a dozen flares 
>of varying>brightness in a single evening. 

As long as they're not limited to naked eye flares.

But, it's better than no coverage at all.
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