Wow & another wow to Pegasus

Rupert E. Lubkemeier (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 02:06:29 -0400

Just had to let all of you know about my wonderful experience this

My name is Rupert, N2OTO.  I'm in FN30cr, Queens County NYC.

I monitored this morning's Orbcomm launch of a Pegasus rocket dropped
from an L-1011.

As I write this, Pegasus is carrying 8 satellites into orbit.  I hope
they get there!

The launch occurred shortly after 1 a.m. eastern daylight time, 100
nautical miles off the coast of Southern Virginia.

Using an Icom R-7100 and a 4 el yagi, I received strong signals from the
L-1011 at 39,000 ft.

I also monitored an Internet listening post in Washington DC.

I heard nothing from this site.  This unit is most likely using a paper
clip for an antenna!

The freq. I monitored was 121.950 AM

Now, this is where the 'wow and another wow' comes in.

I saw the first stage from my second floor terrace!

I watched it travel from about 180 deg Az to 145 deg Az at about 10 deg

It was red and as bright as Jupiter.

I lost sight of the first stage at 0109 and it was reported that the
first stage burnt out at 250,000 ft @ 0109.

Cool, very cool!