Launch discussions

Bart De Pontieu ((no email))
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 19:10:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

Discussions about launches are OK, there have never been complaints, and
there aren't all that many anyway. If, after posting a message to
SeeSat-L, you don't get contacted by either Neil or myself (either
privately or on the list itself), you may assume the subject's OK. Most
messages are on-topic, as far as I'm concerned. Radio observations are not
OK. Discussions about a north-korean satellite are OK, since they might be
interesting for visual observers [admittedly a very big conditional now,
but that wasn't the case 3 weeks ago].

But discussions about whether we should have discussions about launches or
not, those are off-topic (and thus this message as well, but I hope it'll
be the last one). There is a list for such meta-discussions, it's called
UseSat-L. UseSat-L is meant for all 'meta-discussions' about SeeSat-L, the
FAQ, the VSOHP, etc... You can subscribe to it by sending a message with
the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT to
UseSat-L is mostly dormant, with occasional flares of activity.

SeeSat-L currently has 570 subscribers -- we're at a hovering stage now,
after the rapid influx of new subscribers due to articles in S&T and
Astronomy. [Thanks to the authors of those articles!]
This means that you should always consider carefully whether your message
is of enough interest to a majority of our subscribers. Try to avoid the
'I agree' messages, however tempting they may be.

I nevertheless *agree* that the
Usenet-group sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe is not being used to the
full right now, and one of our subscribers has made a good suggestion on
that group on how to improve it. Check it out, it's easy to read the group
through,mostly advertisement free.

Some useful info:

1. Address all messages for SeeSat-L (i.e. the 570 subscribers) to
Avoid using the blackadder address, it'll change some time soon.
2. To unsubscribe from SeeSat-L, send a message to
with the word "unsubscribe" in the SUBJECT
3. Avoid attachments in your messages for SeeSat-L. They are severely
frowned upon around here.
4. If you want to receive 1 to 2 messages per day instead of the plethora
of messages every day, subscribe to the digest-version of SeeSat-L. It is
called SeeSat-D and you can subscribe by sending a message to
with the word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT
To switch from SeeSat-L to SeeSat-D, simply do both steps 2 and 4.
5. If your address has changed, unsubscribe the old address by sending a
message with "unsubscribe fill@in.your.old_address_here" to
Then subscribe the new address in the same fashion.

And finally, you can still make a last ditch effort at registering for
Eurosom 3, just contact NOW!

      Bart De Pontieu, SeeSat-L administrator, Palo Alto, California