Re: Launch Discussions

Ron Lee (
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 18:44:41 -0600

In some cases my details on upcoming launches, or launch details, has
>permitted somebody else to see an upper stage venting, or something similar.
>These are just MHO.
>Philip Chien, KC4YER

I concur.  Seems that a notification of a launch a few months ago allowed
me to generate elsets that helped someone see a venting.  Was not me
but if someone gets to see a unique event like that....great.

It is still my goal to see a rocket firing...perhaps at geosync.  But
I need to know when those events occur and that info is almost impossible
to get.

So I have to fill the time with looking for decaying Molniya's.  My two
attempts at 3-11 have failed. The first because I did not get to the right
spot in time and the second because...well, maybe it was too early or late
or too dim.

Keep those postings on launches coming in.  Does anyone have good data
on the upcoming Orbcomm launch?