Re: Launch Discussions

Sat, 19 Sep 1998 01:03:24 -0400

> Lee J. Blanton wrote:
> << I realize that discussion of Minuteman launches might be a little off-topic
> for this mailing list since most subscribers don't live near a launch site.
> Is there a preferred forum for these these discussions, or is it OK here? >>

Not too many of those launches visible from NJ, but I have no problem with
the reports.  I think anyone interested is seeing sats would also like to
see launches.  While most of us can't see them, it's all right to post
reports for those that can view them.  
I can't see the Astra geosync sats, but it was interesting to read Bruno's
reports of how 1 of them consistently did not match the official TLE 
position.  I didn't think those TLEs would be so wrong over a period of 

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