C2263r, Lacrosse 3r, Superbird A

Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@cpmx.saic.com)
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 16:14:10 -0700

Hi All,

For two nights I have observed Cosmos 2263 R/B (#22803), and on
both occasions its magnitude was considerably dimmer than
predicted.  I notice that in the Molczan file its standard magnitude
is 3.9.  To match my observations, it would need to be dimmed to

I was able to time Lacrosse 3 R/B a little longer last night, and now
come up with a period of 34.7 seconds +/- 2 seconds.  It's hard to
estimate it much better than this because the minima and maxima
are so broad.  This period is based on 4 complete cycles from max
to max, with times of 35.6, 31.8, 37.3 and 34.0 seconds.

Also got another timing on Superbird A:  23.128 +/- .008 seconds.
While timing it, an unexpected dim satellite slowly crossed my
binocular field-of-view.  I later identified it as Cosmos 2088 (90-066A,
#20720), which was predicted to only be at magnitude +7.5.  It was
at least +6.5, so I have adjusted the standard magnitude for this
satellite from +6.0 to +5.0.  --Rob