Re: Orbcomm Launch

Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:56:30 -0400

If I have my bearings right (forgive the pun), the launch will be from
approximately the same as the August launch...southeast from a point east
of Wallops.

The drop point from the last launch was 37.7N, 73.4W, Drop Azimuth 116.5
T/128.5 Mag

-- on 16-09-98 04:45:30 PM
 cc:      (bcc: Eric Rosenberg/OCCVA)                         
 Subject: Orbcomm Launch                                      

Hello Everyone.

An Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL rocket is to launch on the third ORBCOMM
delivery mission on Sept. 22. The mission will be staged from Wallops
Facility, Va. A launch window will expend from 1:21 to 1:36 a.m. EDT
(0521-0536 GMT). Drop time is expected at or near the middle of the period.

Does anyone know if this will be launched northbound or southbound?

Are there any visibility predictions for the East Coast, USA?

Don Gardner
76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL