Superbird A this week

Matson, Robert (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 13:52:07 -0700

Hi All,

Superbird A (#20040) update for Tuesday night, September 15th.  All
times below are UTC on September 16th.  For subsequent nights, add
90 seconds per night if you live on the east coast; otherwise, add
one minute per night.

Times below correspond to the predicted phase shift time between
flashes from one array and flashes from the 2nd array (which are
180 degrees out of phase).  Flashes should be visible from 4 minutes
before the listed time to 4 minutes after.  Brightest flashes can
reach magnitude +2.  Rotational period is 23.13 seconds, but during
the center of the flash window, flashes will be visible every
11.565 seconds due to alternating flashes from both arrays.

Los Angeles  3:05:30
San Diego  3:05:30
Barstow  3:06
Phoenix  3:07
Las Vegas  3:07
Flagstaff  3:07
Tucson  3:07
Salt Lake City  3:09
Denver  3:11:30
Colorado Springs  3:11
Albuquerque  3:10
Clovis, NM  3:11
Santa Fe  3:10
El Paso  3:09
Austin, TX  3:12
Amarillo  3:12
Dallas  3:132
Houston  3:13:30
Kansas City, MO  3:16
St. Louis  3:17:30
New Orleans, LA  3:16:30
Des Moines, IA  3:17
Huntsville, AL  3:19
Chicago, IL  3:19:30
Gainesville, FL  3:21
Cape Kennedy, FL  3:21:30
Cleveland, OH  3:23
Buffalo, NY  3:24
Toronto, Ontario  3:24
Rochester, NY  3:24:30
Alexandria/Fairfax, VA  3:24
Washington, D.C./Maryland  3:24:30
Delaware  3:25
New Jersey  3:25:30
New York City, NY  3:26
Connecticut/western Massachusetts/Vermont  3:27
Rhode Island/central Mass/New Hampshire  3:27:30
Boston/western Maine  3:28
Eastern Maine  3:29
New Brunswick  3:30
Nova Scotia  3:31

The flash location is approximately 17 degrees to the upper
right of Jupiter, about halfway between delta-Aqr and theta-
Aqr.  Approximate celestial coordinates are RA 22h 38m,
declination -12 degrees +/- 1 degree depending on your
latitude (e.g. Boston is -13 degrees; Miami is -11 degrees).
For subsequent night, subtract 3 minutes of right ascension.

Best wishes,