Re: Satellite Element Files

Tue, 15 Sep 1998 02:42:25 -0400 wrote:
> Interested in knowing what satellite element files others are using and which
> ones they use most. I currently download the NASA files from CelesTrak, the
> file from Don Gardner, the dklist file from SatEvo and the
> file from OIG. Do many of you use the BIG one file
> from Mike McCants? 8000+ satellites seems like an awful lot of satellites to
> keep track of especially for visual purposes. I have the disk space but
> whether to use it in combination with the other files is my big question.
> Getting too many files in the database at one time could prove to be a pain.

I have about 20 different TLE files.  VISUAL, SYNC, etc.  I get alldat, 
and using Passupdt, update all my files in one operation. Takes less
than 1/2 minute.  I'm not tracking all 8000, just about 950. alldat is 
an easy way for me to quickly and easily update the files I do use.  Once
the update is done, alldat can be deleted to free disk space.  If you
just want naked eye visual sats, that's why I compiled VISUAL.txt on
Kelso's site. That one file will take care of most of your needs.  Then
you don't have to worry about all the other files.

Jay Respler
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