Re: Which clock to trust?

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:55:38 +0900

At 17:50 14/09/98 -0600, Endaf Jones wrote:
> wrote:
>> Trust the GPS receiver.
>I wouldn't.
>If you want to trust GPS time, then get a GPS receiver that is
>specifically designed for fetching the time. (they do exist, but are a
>bit more expensive than your standard GPS).
One needs the models that put out a tick every second. They are available
for general purchase. The pulse can then be used to lock an oscillator.
The Tucson Amateur Packet radio group known as TAPR, distribute kits
that provide the electronics. The also sell the unpackedged GPS receivers
that go with them. These are/were described on their web site
which I cant reach , having tried last 36 hours. 
Tony Beresford