Re: Iridium, Iridium, Iridium

Sat, 12 Sep 1998 01:08:02 -0400

Walter Nissen wrote:
> I heard a radio news report that Iridium has postponed start-up of their
> new service from September 23rd to November 1st.

This is an excerpt that I sent to my News email list:
September 10, 1998
  Iridium Delays Full Start of Global System
WASHINGTON -- After 11 years of design, development and
implementation, Iridium LLC announced Wednesday that its global
 communications system would be introduced to a limited number of
subscribers worldwide beginning Sept. 23, with full commercial service
delayed until Nov. 1. 
 Altogether, Iridium has orbited 79 satellites aboard 17 launching vehicles
in 16 months, completing the most ambitious launching program in history and
orbiting the world's largest satellite network. 

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