ETS-6 flashes Thursday morning

Matson, Robert (
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 18:54:39 -0700

Hi All,

Quick heads-up for central to northern California for Wednesday
night September 9th (actually, early Thursday morning the 10th).
ETS-6 should be flashing for up to 30 minutes before it goes into
shadow at about 1:20am PDT Thursday morning, Sept. 10.  From
1am to 1:20am, look for it low in the southwest, about 20 to 25
degrees above the horizon.  It will be slowly rising as it moves
right to left.  Flashes may reach 3rd magnitude or brighter.

Much of the rest of the U.S. can look for flashes after it exits
shadow at 1:59 am PDT (8:59 UTC).  For southern California at
that time, ETS-6 will be 45 degrees above the southern horizon,
about 7 or 8 degrees east of due south.  This is about 5 degrees
to the right of eta-Ceti.  ETS-6 will be moving slowly right to left,
and should be flashing near theta-Ceti at 2:04am PDT.

Flashes will probably not be as bright from SoCal as from
northern California.  Other states that are favored following
shadow exit at 8:59 UTC are Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,
Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas,
Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South and North Carolina,
Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C,
Delaware, and New Jersey.  Flashes may also be visible
from Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
New York and New England.  Use a satellite tracking program
to locate ETS-6 (NORAD #23230) beginning at 8:59 UTC on
10 September.  Flashes will be brightest for most locations
immediately following shadow-exit, and get progressively dimmer.
In the southeast (particularly southern Florida), the brightest
flashes may not come until about 9:20 UTC.

Again, sorry for the short notice. --Rob