Another bright UNID

Nick Budd (
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 16:11:21 +0100

Last night, Sep08, I saw a sat with a constant mag of about +1 going
south-north. Thinking it would be easy to identify I only made a note
of the time it passed Polaris, which was 21.20.40 GMT. However, upon
checking alldat.tle, the only fit seems to be Resurs 1-4Rk. So......
1. Does anyone know if this object could be that bright?
2. Can anyone suggest a better fit?
There are more passes coming up but I think my location is now going to be
overcast for some time. Perhaps someone with better weather could have
a look and let me know if they get the same mag.
N50.987 E0.148 Elev 70m