Re: Translation 3-s todo exito

Ed Cannon (
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 03:53:30 -0400

Jim Nix <> wrote regarding "Subject: 
Translation 3-s todo exito":

>    I was curious about this one so I ran it through a translator
>utility.  This is the result:
>As all <sabreis> the strike of yesterday was all a
>little ex ....

"Sabreis" means "you [plural] will know", and "ex" here meant 
success ("exito").

I went to the Web site to see if I could make more sense of 
it, and as best I could determine, given that there was a lot 
of rambling polemical writing on the site, it's of course 
pretty clearly a spam message regarding some complaint and
strike against an Internet service provider in Spain.  There 
may have been some vague connection in the sender's mind 
between the strike and visual satellite observing, but if so, 
I didn't find it in my scan of those Web pages.

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