Translation 3-s todo exito

Jim Nix (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 16:02:19 -0500

Hi all,

    I was curious about this one so I ran it through a translator
utility.  This is the result:

As all <sabreis> the strike of yesterday was all a
little ex,  though" some" <empeqen> in telling that
no. But a clear thing this,  ex or not,  the case is
that we are getting that all the world ( never best
tell ) to be fixed in we. But and now that?

In the strike,  <todavia> remain enough actions by realizing,  to
be but or less effective,  but where but to hurt to him/her/you
to <Timofonica> is in the pocket. Remember the <prepotencia> of
<Timofonica>,  and that this people might apply the said of"
<Gritad>,  <Gritad>,  but to the final <tendreis> to pay". But
and if rather than pay you to them,  we are paying in other place
that hasValidity legal? No can you cut the <timofono> and of
pass,  do not input those quantities in the arks. Exist a
<precendente> with the <compaqia> of Waters of <Barcelona>,
where affected,  denounced to said monopoly,  and the judge
order that while lasts contentious,  the money to be not handed
to Waters of <Barcelona>,  if not thatTo be inputted in a special
account in" <Caixa>" destined to such end. In few monthes carry
inputted but of 1.300 millions that the <compaqia> of the Water
can not input.

Therefore well all this <informacion> to the respect and as go it
to do LEGALLY we have put available in the following <direccion>
<web> <http> :/ / <www.> <timofonica.> <com>,  <ademas> Of some
directions <e-> <mail> and <web> where be directed for <secundar>
this. Visited said paginates and uni,  in less of 24 from the
protest of the gave 3, but of 200 people,  already have summed.

<Salu2> <Angeloso> :-D. ...................

I'll debug it a little, anyone have access to a Barcelona Newspaper?