North Korean Sat ?(again)

clear sky (
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 01:53:54 +0800

  I think there are three possibilities:
    1. This was a missile test.  85%
    2. This was an unsuccessfule orbital attempt. 10%
    3. This was a satellite,     
      3.1 and the NOARD doesn't find the satellite so far. 4% 
      3.2 and the NOARD has detected it, but some people are too
          shy to say it. :-)                        1%  
  Do you agree?
  And I think it easy to know the truth:
    the speed of last object(the NOARD should know)
          >9.0KM/S = a satellite (just fit the claimed parameters)
          <8.0KM/S = NODONG-1   
  Why the NOARD keep silence ? They are busy at searching?

-- Free John --