Orbital data of alleged North Korean satellite...

Ed Cannon (ecannon@mail.utexas.edu)
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 20:06:40 -0400

Below is an article with quite a bit of data on the alleged North
Korean satellite.  Summary:  inclination 86, perigee 218.82 km, 
apogee 6978.2 km, period 165.1 minutes; launch time was "12:07 
August 31".  It's supposedly broadcasting patriotic North Korean 
music and a morse code signal at 27 megaherz.....

Ed C.


> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Successful launch of first satellite in DPRK
> Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency
> Broadcast a report today over the successful launch of the first
> artificial satellite in the DPRK. The report says: Our scientists and
> technicians have succeeded in launching the first artificial satellite
> aboard a multi-stage rocket into orbit. The rocket was launched in the
> direction of 86 degrees at a launching station in Musudan-ri, Hwadae
> county, North Hamgyong Province at 12:07 August 31, Juche 87 (1998)
> and correctly put the satellite into orbit at 12 hours 11 minutes 53
> seconds in four minutes 53 seconds. The rocket is of three stages. The
> first stage was separated from the rocket 95 seconds after the launch
> and fell on the open waters of the East Sea of Korea 253 km off the
> launching station, that is 40 degrees 51 minutes north latitude 139
> degrees 40 minutes east longitude. The second stage opened the capsule
> in 144 seconds, separated itself from the rocket in 266 seconds and
> fell on the open waters of the pacific 1,646 km off from the launching
> station, that is 40 degrees 13 minutes north latitude 149 degrees 07
> minutes east longitude. The third stage put the satellite into orbit
> 27 seconds after the separation of the second stage. The satellite is
> running along the oval orbit 218.82 km in the nearest distance from
> the earth and 6,978.2 km in the farthest distance. Its period is 165
> minutes 6 seconds. The satellite is equipped with necessary sounding
> instruments. It will contribute to promoting scientific research for
> peaceful use of outer space. It is also instrumental in confirming the
> calculation basis for the launch of practical satellites in the
> future. The satellite is now transmitting the melody of the immortal
> revolutionary hymns "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of General
> Kim Jong Il" and the morse signals "Juche Korea" in 27 mhz. The rocket
> and satellite which our scientists and technicians correctly put into
> orbit at one launch are a fruition of our wisdom and technology 100
> percent. The successful launch of the first artificial satellite in
> the DPRK greatly encourages the Korean people in the efforts to build
> a powerful socialist state under the wise leadership of General
> Secretary Kim Jong Il.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Foreign Ministry spokesman on successful launch of artificial
> satellite
> Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign
> Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued a
> statement today ....