Delta Iridium Prelaunch Elset, 4 Sep 98

Ron Lee (
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 19:39:42 -0600

Iridium, Delta, 4 Sep 98, 21:35:53 UT
1 99999U 980XXA   98247.94154201  .00007194  00000-0  95478-3 0    19
2 99999  86.5819   9.9979 0016087 253.4571 105.8652 14.79608977    01

In verifying this elset, I note that it may be LATE by one to two minutes.
I will try to check against other launches but allow about THREE minutes
either side of the expected time for passes soon after launch.  Better yet,
assume that it will be in a given spot 1.5 minutes sooner than predicted
THEN look plus or minus three minutes.  Also allow a little error in

First visibility is just east of Moscow after the first Iridium is dispensed.
Observers there MAY get to see the second Iridium as well.  Binoculars
or other telescopic aid is strongly suggested.

London will see an overhead pass two revs later.

Observers who see it before real elsets are available should provide an
approximate correction in time / crosstrack to help others see it.

Ron Lee