NOSS orbitology

Allen Thomson (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 07:58:33 -0600

Bjorn Gimle wrote:

>Jim Nix wrote:
>>    Had a good 4 and a half minute observation of a NOSS trio.  However,
>>which is which?  I believe C is the upper one and D the lower, which is
>>the leader?  I'll post more detailed info later, but could use some help
>>in Id'ing the trio.  Like a large L moving thru the sky within about a
>>5 degree diameter.  Had C above Polaris at 21:12:58.17 others not visible

>You can easily verify the L shape and the respective objects with
>Rob Matson's SkyMap and Mike McCants' elsets :


There's a paragraph on the orbitology of the NOSS clusters at

Unfortunately, the figures aren't included on the page -- perhaps someone
with access to the original article could scan Figs 2 & 3. (I have it, but
it's in storage.)