Eurosom 3: Third announcement

Bart De Pontieu ((no email))
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 13:39:35 -0700 (PDT)



We've postponed the deadline for registering to September 15. If you 
want to attend, be quick about telling us. See below (4) for details 
about registration.

You can also attend for one day for a reduced registration fee. 
See below (4) for details.

The program is almost final; details about talks will be made 
available by the end of september. If you would like to talk about
something at Eurosom 3, please let us know. I'm sure we can provide
for a slot.
1. WHAT ?

The third edition of the EUROpean Satellite Observers Meeting (Eurosom
3) will be held during the weekend of October 24-25, 1998 at the City
Observatory in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Everyone (including
non-Europeans) interested in visual observations of artificial
satellites is welcome. Eurosom 3 will be an informal meeting with
English as the working language.

The organising committee consists of Alan Pickup and Russell Eberst
(locally) and Neil Clifford and Bart De Pontieu (programme). Eurosom 3
is supported and sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh
(ASE) and the Belgian Working Group Satellites (BWGS) of the Belgian
Astronomical Society (VVS).

2. WHEN ?

The meeting will start on Saturday, October 24, 1998 around 9:30 am.
Travellers from abroad may want to plan their arrival on Friday
evening. On Saturday, we will convene until 18:00 am with a lunch
break and various coffee breaks. Saturday night will be available for
experiencing Edinburgh's various forms of nightlife. :-) On Sunday
morning we reconvene at 9:30 am.  Eurosom 3 ends at 17h on Sunday

3. WHERE ?

Location of the meeting is the City Observatory at Calton Hill in the
center of Edinburgh. The City Observatory overlooks the east end of
Edinburgh's famous Princes Street. For lodging we are reserving rooms at
the nearby Cairn Hotel which lies 500 m north of the City Observatory.
The City Observatory is on a hill within walking distance of the hotel, 
but can also be reached by car.
Single rooms at the Cairn Hotel cost 30 Pounds Sterling per night,
whereas double rooms are available at 50 Pounds Sterling per night.
Registration for Eurosom 3 costs 10 Pound Sterling (about US $ 16), as a
contribution to general organizational costs and in return for which
each participant will receive the Eurosom 3 Proceedings. The fee is non-
refundable (except for a good reason) and need not be paid by
accompanying people.


Payment of the registration fee (10 Pound Sterling) should be in the 
form of a Pounds Sterling cheque, or as an International Money Order 
(IMO); payments may be combined if this is more convenient. Payments 
should be made to "The Astronomical Society of Edinburgh" and sent to 
Alan Pickup (, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, 
Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ, Scotland. Hotel reservations should also be made 
via Alan; no deposit is required but no bookings will be made with 
the hotel until the registration fee has been received. Please 
indicate clearly the type of room required (single or
double), the dates of arrival and departure and the number of persons.
Confirmation of the receipt of the fee and the hotel reservations will
be provided, preferably via email if an email address is provided. Note
that Alan is away from Edinburgh, and unable to process bookings,
between July 2 and 18.


Americans can send their US cheques ($16) to Bart De Pontieu, 550 #1 Oxford 
Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA, made payable to Bart De Pontieu. Bart
will make sure your money gets to Alan. HOWEVER: please make sure to 
contact Alan for hotel reservations, etc... Bart will not be responsible 
for those. He is only there to make paying easier and cheaper.


The program for Eurosom 3 is still preliminary but will include talks 
given by well-known satellite observers/analysts such as:

- Tony Beresford, Australia; well-known satellite observer
- David Brierley, UK; positional observer since the 1960's
- Phillip Clark, UK; well-known space analyst.
- Russell Eberst, UK; most active satellite observer in the world
- Kurt Jonckheere, Belgium; flash period analyst of the BWGS
- Mike McCants, USA; experienced observer/orbital and decay analyst
- Chris Peat, UK; responsible for the GSOC Web pages
- Alan Pickup, UK; responsible for SATEVO decay predictions
- Bruno Tilgner, France; studies problems with NORAD propagation models 
                         for geostationary satellites (e.g. ASTRA)
- Paul Maley, USA; low light level video observer
- (?) Rob Matson, USA; satellite analyst of Skymap, Superbird, etc... fame

We expect to have more definitive program details available by the
end of September.


Your contribution is welcome, however short or informal it is. 
We welcome  practical, hands-on talks about anything related to 
visual satellite observing. This is an informal meeting!

If you would like to give a talk about something related to 
visual satellite observing, please contact Neil and Bart at 
the address below.


For people who think Eurosom 3 is too far/expensive/short:

A. Airfare to Scotland (esp. from the US) may not be as high as you
fear, especially if flight tickets are ordered well in advance.

B. The meeting takes place near the heart of the historic city of
Edinburgh, once called "The Athens of the North". As the centre of
Scottish culture and education, Edinburgh has fine medieval, Georgian
and Victorian architecture and more than its share of museums and art
galleries. Major attractions include Edinburgh Castle, which is linked
by the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's official
Scottish residence. You may shop along the famous Princes Street, or
take a short walk to Holyrood Park to climb the extinct volcano that
is Arthur's Seat, the birthplace of modern geology. Britain's
Astronomy Technology Centre is now being established at the Royal
Observatory in the south of the city and there will be opportunities
to visit this in the days before and after Eurosom 3. Also, if you
want to extend your visit and do some sight-seeing with local
SeeSat-ers, ask us about it at the address below.

There is a city centre map at
This shows Calton Hill towards the upper-right of the map although the
City Observatory is not plotted. The Cairn Hotel is a short distance
down a road which leads north from London Road (between the labels for
"London Road" and "Leith Walk").
Calton Hill is described at
while the City Observatory is at
See also:


The deadline for registration is coming nearer (September 15, 1998),
so please register as soon as you know you can and will attend.


For more information, or to signal your intention to attend, please
contact us at
There will also be announcements on:
(the 2 is optional)

      Bart, Alan, Neil and Russell
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