Re: moving sats to a different plane

Leo Barhorst (
Tue, 01 Sep 1998 15:51:02 +0000

Jeff Hunt wrote:
> What's involved in moving a launched sat designated for a given plane to
> be moved to another plane of the same inclination. Is it more than  
> raising or lowering the orbit to change the period?
By raising or lowering the orbit the period is indeed changed, but 
also the rate at which the orbit precesses around the globe is 
increased or decreased. Just wait till the orbit has moved to the 
desired plane and raise the sat to the operational height

A faster way is to launch the sats in an orbit at a different 
inclination. Then the precession of the orbit is much more due to the 
'bulge' at the earth's equator.

I don't have the proper formula's at hand right now, perhaps someone 
else can give them.

Leo Barhorst