Re: Lewis decay

J.C. Millot (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 13:03:51 +1100

Hi all,

>The Los Angeles Times reported (from  the U.S. Space Command) the exact
>re-entry to be 11:58 UTC as the spacecraft was heading north again still
>on orbit 577. The exact location of re-entry was given as somwhere in
>the South Atlantic off the coast of Antartica.
>I guess my question would be, as a novice, how long do these things
>generally stay up afer starting to burn up, as I am assuming Lewis was
>doing over New Caledonia. This particular case would have Lewis burning
>up for about 30 minutes or so (about a third of an orbit). Is this

I second the question as the local media all asked me the same one together
with two others: for how long does such a satellite burn and if anything
remains, where did it landed ?

(I my mind I thought "I don't know but I am sure that the List does")

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