Skymap ansi.sys question

Bob King (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 10:49:29 -0500

Hello fellow satellite watchers. This has always been such a helpful
group for answering questions. I've got one that befuddles me. I've
used Rob Matson's Skymap 5.10 for a long time on my 486 machine.
Recently I upgraded to a fancy Pentium. According to the instructions
with the software one needs to show the path to ansi.sys in the
config.sys file. Well, my ansi.sys file resides in c:\
windows\command\ansi.sys and that is line I inserted in my config.sys
file. After rebooting I still can't get the displays to work with the
program. (The screen is covered with a variety of nonsense symbols.)

Could anyone advise me how I could correct this? Skymap is my
favorite graphical satellite program and it's hard to get along
without it.
Thanks very much for your help ---- Bob King