Superbird Acceleration

Jim Varney (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 22:31:26 -0700 (PDT)

Last night I observed Superbird A, giving me a total of 44 flash
period timings this week.  I compared the mean flash period between
October 1996 and now:

Oct 1996  295 periods observed: 11.697 sec mean half-period	
Nov 1997   44 periods observed: 11.630 sec mean half-period

The question is whether or not this difference is significant.  I used
a statistical method called the "t-test" to compare the two sets of
data to determine if there is any detectable difference between the
two distributions of timings.

The t-test result (3.3) exceeds the t-critical value (1.9), meaning
there is a signifcant difference between the two sets of observations.
 Therefore it appears Superbird has undergone a small spin rate
increase over the last 11 months.

Jim Varney   121.398W  38.458N 8m   Sacramento, CA,

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