Iridum Flare Format Changing Again

Ron Lee (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 18:16:29

Jeff Hunt, thanks for putting last nights version of the final
report format on the web site. Looks great.   

Seems the format does not make everyone happy.   So I will blow
off steam now:

I DO NOT know what exactly is needed to predict future flares.

I DO NOT know that sun phase angle is relevant.

I DO NOT know that AZ/EL instead of RA.DEC is better for the flare

I DO NOT know that max el is required but it seems to be a factor.

I Do suspect that seeing a report with just RA/DEC will not tell me
squat about when I can look.

I DO NOT know how long the report can be and only one line.

It may be that sun AZ/EL can be replaced by nothing or AM/PM.

It may be that azimuth of max elevation is not importatnt.

I tried to solicit inputs as it was being developed.  Some things were
set up to suit me since I was trying to fill in missing data and I
made it easy for me with the software I use.

I will continue to try to complete the missing info for the data I have
to date.  Others may decide what info/format to use for future reports
and I will forward the finished list to them.

Ron Lee