Iridium Format...Final Version

Ron Lee (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 20:29:47

After a nice relaxing weekend, I am sure everyone has been waiting for this
posting.   IT was necessary to make some command decisions...and the format
may not please everyone, but I believe it is workable.    I changed the date 
format to year-month-day.....defined the phase angle value....added the
COSPAR designator at the end.....increased the observer initial field to three
spaces for those  who have multiple observing locations...and reduced the
magnitude entry to two space (sign and whole magnitude).

I retained the two spaces between major entry fields...and all fits in 80
character line length.  It will not show up properly in the archive version
but should make a new line at the COSPAR entry.     I am updating the master 
file with the NUMEROUS obs from our northern observers.....must be nice to 
read by the light of an Iridium flare.

Will have to put the list on a web site somewhere.  Until I can get one 
established, is anyone willing to host the data for a while?

Also, Leo and Bram, among others, have perhaps seen enough over a long 
period to perhaps define how many days a specific Iridium flares...say
magnitude 3 and brighter.    Has anyone charted that info yet?

Here is the fnal format...and thanks for the input.   Any changes due to this
on previous data will be done by me as I get to it!