Are there any Seesat members in Indianpolis?

Philip Chien (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 00:10:28 -0400

Are there any Seesat members in Indianpolis?

Dave Wolf, the next American astronaut who is scheduled for a long term
stay aboard the Russian space station Mir is a native of Indianpolis.

If anybody on SeeSat's from that area and interested in acting as an
'elmer' (amateur radio term) to get folks interested in satellite observing
- especially Mir, please contact me.

and an editorial comment - I've always felt that Mir is the best tool for
getting folks interested in amateur satellite viewing.  Mir is the largest
object in space, and one of the older objects still in orbit.  It has a
crew on board and it's rather special to look at a moving point of light in
the sky and realize that there are people on board.  If you're also
interested in monitoring satellites or amateur radio there's the additional
thrill of listening to a voice coming from that point of light.

Since Mir's in a fairly high inclination orbit it's visible from most
populated areas of the world an additional benefit.  The shuttle, Soyuz,
and Progress spacecraft coming and going from Mir give additional targets
to look for.

I will be the first person to admit that a plain observation of 'I saw Mir'
is pretty boring for most of the Seesat members.  But I also realize that
everybody has to start somewhere, and not everybody has the experiences of
some of our more talented members.  And I include myself in the
non-talented category.  Hold something in front of my face long enough and
I'll realize what it means, but there are many regulars here with
observational and computational skills which put mind to shame.

Not to mention that I find it amusing and interesting to read stories about
observing Mir which have something special about them - showing somebody
else Mir for the first time, Mir marathons, or anything else which makes
the observation special.

end editorial.

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