Lewis future

Vuorela Arto (arto.vuorela@nls.fi)
10 Sep 97 11:04:58 +0200

>Chris Simpson <simpson@american.edu> writes
>>... status and prospects for Lewis?

Wim Bakker:
>latest news is from September 3.
>No news ... is good news (but I'm not so sure in this case).
>As I understand, the situation is as follows: contact with Lewis is LOST,
>satellite is still spinning, officials hope Lewis can squeeze some energy
>from our good old Sun in the coming days, so the autonomous systems of
>Lewis might start and be able to regain its attitude. Somewhere I read there's
>ONLY 3 weeks time for trying; after that, Lewis will fall back to Earth.
>Personally I think this is highly exaggerated for the 300 km orbit that
>Lewis is flying now. I think they have AT LEAST 3 weeks for trying;
>after that, the orbit of Lewis might have changed such that its position
>becomes unknown. Only then will Lewis really be lost.
>I have collected pointers to most of the articles in
>        http://www.itc.nl/~bakker/is.html#Lewis

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