Finnish decayer a meteorite

Vuorela Arto (
5 Sep 97 11:46:47 +0200

Mr saw the phenomena, and it lasted 
perhaps only one or two seconds (too high speed to be a satellite).

Also in the Aamulehti newspaper on 31th August there was a story, 
according to which a member of URSA ( in 
Tampere says it was a huge meteor. Lots of different colours 
flamed for a few seconds: the speed is about 20-30 km / s and the 
friction causes a temperature of about 10 000 degrees.

Great thanks also for Alan Pickup, who sent an analysis especially
of the only predicted decayer of Aug. 29th for me. According to it
none of the known satellites were possible for the observation. 
(BTW I do not know how many unknown sats there are.)

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