Re: International Designation and Year 2000

Don Horton (
Sat, 28 Sep 96 23:18 EDT

At 02:08 PM 9/28/96 -0500, Ed Cannon wrote:

>My (first) question regarding the International Designation format is,
>how will it be handled beginning 1 Jan. 2000?  Won't it become almost 
>a necessity to use all four digits of the year?

        My immediate reaction is that we're safe till 2056... there are no
elsets with epochs before 1956, after all.  By then, it's not my problem.  I
don't expect I'll give a darn if I've actually lived to116.  ;-)

>...  And then, what about after NORAD #99999 is cataloged in the year 
        Okay, a seriouys answer to this one.  There is much more leeway in a
given number of characters using aan alphanumeric format.  After #99999 we
should go to A0001-A9999, then B0001-B9999, and so on.  That's enough for
25,974 satellites!


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